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Our LIGHTBULB moment.

VennCap was born out of a lightbulb moment. Yes, that trusty lightbulb moment when everything comes together and is seen as clear as day. That moment most of our customers know all too well and upon which our investors have built their fortunes.

It was a normal workday filled with expensive suits, conference room confectionaries and expensive experts paid by the hour providing advice to a businessman on the best route to his wheel of cheese.

Seven experts later and all of the questions in the room came back to three critical elements – the numbers, the law and the money.


Enlighten on the value of the combination- the numbers, law and money bravely left the comfortable world of corner offices and conference room confectionaries to create an ecosystem for business and investment growth. Our end-to-end business and investment solutions include:


At VennCap we pride ourself on our core values and endeavour to make these principles part of every interaction and transaction: