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Well-done! You are a strong contender in the market and made it to the top of the hill. Keeping your eye on the prize, you have secured a sizable market share with good profit margins and a reliable team in place that can operate without your hands-on management.

Being at the end of your current race you have the option to exit and come full circle by becoming an investor in other ventures, take the company public or partake in a merger and acquisition.

This leg of the race aims to align all value drivers and obtain the highest possible company valuation.

Pitfalls may include

  • The value of the business is hinged on the entrepreneur and not the business itself.
  • Key personnel do not have a stake in the business.
  • Lack of efficient and consistent systems and procedures.
  • Poor corporate governance.


  • Performing a Financial GAP analysis to identify and improve deficiencies and ensure sustainability.
  • Getting ISO 9001 accredited to validate systems and procedures that ensure sustainability.
  • Performing a Merger or Acquisition to enter new markets.
  • Initial Public Offering.