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Whether you are a first-time, seasoned or institutional investor VennCap is your one-stop alternative investment solution. Let us help you identify, analyse and maximise you return on investment with our unique investment ecosystem.

The traditional investment market has failed to deliver significant risk-to-reward ratios, leading many investors to source and investigate unlisted “alternative” investment opportunities. These investments are often referred to as High Risk – High Reward investments due to the unregulated nature and lack of analysis of these investments.

VennCap aims to curb the risk associated with these investments by providing investors with due diligence insights, risk and feasibility analysis not ordinarily available.

Investors can procure VennCap to test investment feasibility on projects referred by the investor or opt for investments that carry the VennCap Seal.

Holding investments to the highest standard

We provide access to high earning alternative investment opportunities tested through our intense analysis and due diligence processes, holding unlisted investments to a higher standard.

Being a VennCap investor gives you access to the cream of unlisted investments, backed by investor orientated analysis ensuring shorter lead times and greater deal flow.


  • VennCap partners with each of its clients for long term success, cultivating a lasting relationship and building up an investor preference portfolio – helping us match investments that fit your risk and growth strategy.
  • Save time and increase qualified deal flow by identifying deals that match your investor mandate.
  • Identification of feasible opportunities backed by Inter alia, financial feasibility analysis, independent company valuations, deal due diligence and risk analysis to allow for informed investments.
  • Identifying possible pitfalls and mitigating risk prior to investments.
  • Qualified Investment valuations.
  • Legal support services to draft and conclude agreements.
  • Facilitation of Exit Strategies e.g. Mandated Buy Backs, Internal Offering, IPO, Stock Exchange listing.
  • Be a key opportunity facilitator in identifying and connecting our vast network of exciting investment opportunities with like-minded business men and women